Q: Where do you work? Where are you based in?

At the moment I’m not really based anywhere but I definitely come to Berlin, Germany several times a year for a few weeks to a few months at a time, usually during the warmer months (March – November).
I am also visiting San Francisco, CA, USA at least once a year, usually between December and June,
and I sometimes do other shorter guest spots in between.

I always post my guest spot dates on my Travel Dates page.
If you don’t see your country, city there, or if it says that I’m booked, please don’t contact me until I open my diary/bookings again.
Thank you

Q: How can I get an appointment and what’s the best way to contact you?

First, please check my Travel Dates to see if my bookings are closed or open.
If they are open and in a County and City that you can come to, then you may send me an email to jiotattooing@gmail.com.

Write in the subject some keywords about your idea or project, the City and month for the appointment.
(Ex: Chaotic lines human figure – September, Berlin).

In the email, I appreciate if you can be clear and precise.
Share your idea briefly with an approximate size (in cm), placement on the body.
You may send me some images of my work that you resonate with the most, let me know which style you like and want. You may also send other images and photos that inspire you.

I will then send you a file with all the important information for booking with me, including rates.
And if everything aligns, we can proceed with booking the appointment.

Q: It’s my first tattoo, what do I need to know?

You’re probably nervous, have too many ideas, are wondering if you will regret it in 10 years, wanting to add 5 different elements to your design and overthinking the whole process. Maybe not, maybe you’re super chill and know what you want, or maybe your don’t know what you want but you just know you want it.

I have many first-timers and I am happy to guide you through the process.
First of all, I would suggest to trust your intuition. 
“Don’t use your mind, think with your belly”, says my dear friend and incredible tattoo artist Brücius.

A few things to be aware of:
– the simpler, the better. Many clients tend to fall into the trap of wanting to incorporate too many elements into one design, which usually just makes it confusing and aesthetically unappealing. I understand if you want to incorporate a lot of meaning or even several meanings into your tattoo, and that can be done in a more abstract way. For example, instead of making a portrait of your mother, with her name, birth date and zodiac sign underneath, we could come up with a design that would represent the love that you have for her or your unique relationship with just one main element, maybe a flower, an animal, a plant, an object she owns, something that at first glance would not be so obvious.
– bigger is better. Over the years, the tattoo ink tends to spread under the skin, so any lines that are too close together will most likely at some point start to melt into each other. For that reason I always recommend going a little bigger and also considering the placement, so that the tattoo works with the body and doesn’t look like a sticker. That is my own preference and opinion.
– it’s ok to have doubts. Sometimes you will be absolutely clear and certain on what you want and other times you might be unclear and doubtful. This is where intuition comes in. Feel into it, don’t think about it too much. If it really doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, but if you have some fears mixed with excitement, mixed with doubts, but you know you really want it even though you don’t know why, then I’d say: Go for it. Very often, the meaning reveals itself weeks, months, years after the tattoo is made.

For the tattoo process itself, let me know that it is your first tattoo in your email and during the consultation and I will let you know of anything else that would be important for you to know.

Q: Do you have flash or ready-made designs/ wanna-do’s?

Yes, I have a set of flash designs, which are pre-made designs that are available to several people, with a maximum of 11 people per each design.
Sometimes I also create unique pre-made designs and post them either on Instagram Stories or through my Newsletter.
You may find my available flash designs here.
These are usually quicker and easier to book, since there is no time needed to create a new design.

Q: Do I need to have a ready design/drawing or will you draw one for me?

All of my tattoo designs are drawn by me and I always make a drawing specifically for the client, unless it’s a wanna-do (pre-drawn design).
I sometimes enjoy recreating a drawing or a sketch that was made by another artist (not tattoo artist) that might have a similar style like mine, preferably with their permission if they are still alive.
So no, you don’t have to have any drawing or sketch. You can have a very concrete or very open idea and we will work from there.

Q: How much does it hurt? Do you use numbing creams?

The pain of getting tattooed varies from person to person, from body part to body part and from moment to moment. Some people are naturally more tolerant, others more sensitive, just like some body parts (forearm, upper arm, shoulder, thighs) are less painful and others (knee, elbow, armpit, inner side of the knee and elbow, neck, wrist, feet, hands, head, belly, middle of the chest, ribs) are more sensitive. Yet, all of this can vary. Women can also experience different pain tolerance levels depending on the time of their moon/ menstruation cycle.

I do not generally use numbing creams or sprays because in my style of tattooing they don’t work as well, since I almost only pass one time in each area and don’t keep going over and over, which is how they work best (in an open wound).
If it is a big project or very sensitive area, I might apply something to help the client.


Q: How much does the tattoo cost?

I usually charge by the hour, which means I charge the time that I’m tattooing only. The consultation, design process, preparation, stencil making and breaks are not charged.

I charge different rates depending on the country, the currency and the studio where I work. 
I can give you my rates and and estimated price by email.

I also usually have a minimum, meaning that if it’s a small tattoo I will charge a certain amount to cover the supply costs. This also can work as an incentive to do bigger projects or several small tattoos instead of just one.

Q: What do I need to know before the tattoo session?

Check with yourself about any allergies you might have and inform the tattoo artist before the session or in the email if it’s a more serious condition.

Do not consume alcohol or take any mind-altering drugs for at least 24h before the tattoo, since this will make the process more painful, the healing harder and your body will most likely be exhausted.
Please don’t smoke cannabis before or during the session.

It is best if you can have a good night sleep before the session day. Depending on your system, if you know that you feel weak when you don’t eat, you definitely want to have a good meal before the session. Bring some snacks like nuts, juice, water, candy and bigger snacks if it’s a long session.

Oh!! And if you could cream the area that will be getting tattooed every day for a week it would be great!
If you wish, you may also shave the area  the night before or on the day of the session to save me some work. 🙂

Q: AFTERCARE and HEALING - How do I look after my fresh tattoo?

– You will leave the studio with the tattoo covered in a special transparent film (Second Skin) which you can leave for up to 48h (2 days). You can shower with it, you can move with it (although sometimes it might restrict some movement), you can even touch it.
– Avoid direct sun, avoid sweating a lot with it and clothes that are too tight.
– To remove this cover, first wash your hands, then, in the shower or under warm running water, peel it off slowly. Wash the tattooed skin with warm water to open up the pores and a neutral, natural antibacterial soap, removing any extra ink and plasma-type residue. Then, you can pass it through cold water to close the pores again.
– Dry the tattoo with a paper towel, tapping on it gently, do not wipe. Once it’s dry, you may apply a little bit of the cream that you can purchase with me, just enough to cover it, not too much.
– After that, you may leave the tattoo uncovered for the rest of the healing. Try to use clean, good fabric clothes.
– Repeat this process of washing, drying and applying cream 2 to 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon and before bed.
– Avoid heavy exercising for a week. If you exercise and sweat, make sure to wash it afterwards. Avoid direct sun, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, beach, direct contact of the tattoo with your pets and scratching it for two weeks.
– The tattoo will continue healing during the next weeks, sometimes months, but you can resume all your normal activities after the two weeks. It is very helpful if you can apply sun cream whenever you are exposed to sun for long periods of time.
– For the cream, I do not recommend Bepanthene as it’s too oily. I would recommend something natural that is specific for fresh tattoos, which you can usually buy directly at the studio.

Please keep in mind that each tattoo artist will probably give you different directions, so feel free to do what works for you. Just please take good care of it, remember that a fresh tattoo is an open wound, so please keep it clean and know that your body knows how to heal itself.

Q: Do you ever tattoo with colour or just black?

I am mostly focusing on black work and line work at the moment.
In some occasions I am happy to also incorporate colour, making the same design in another colour, like dark red or dark blue or incorporating a few elements of colour into a design, but I prefer when the design is monotone.

Q: Do you still do realistic work, portraits, sacred geometry, mandalas?

I used to do a lot of realistic projects and have done plenty of mandalas, but at the moment that’s not the most inspiring thing for me and I think it’s important that the artist does what really makes them tick.
I will most likely not accept a realistic project at the moment, unless I can combine it with more abstract lines or add make it more painting-like.
I might accept doing a mandala, if it’s just a simple, clear mandala with lines, no extra elements like lotus flowers, symbols, letters and only if I can have a lot of creative freedom with it.

Q: I like a tattoo you already did, can I tattoo it as well?

Unless it is a flash design (a tattoo design made specifically to be tattooed many times on many clients), No.
All of the tattoos I have done so far are unique and are made only for one person.

I will not tattoo the same design again, unless there is an agreement with the client who got the original design.
I am happy to make a design inspired by my tattoos, to make something similar, but still unique.

Q: If I can't come to you, can I tattoo one of your designs with another artist?

Most of the tattoo designs that you see on my Instagram and Website are unique, they were made specifically for only one client, so I kindly ask you to respect and honour that and not copy it or take those designs to another artist.

If you live far from the locations in which I tattoo or can not afford a session with me, you may buy a pre-made flash design from me and then find a local artist to tattoo it on you.
Another option is to order a custom made design, which I will create just for you and you may tattoo it with a local artist.
You may find my available flash designs here.
And to enquire about prices, contact me via email: jiotattooing@gmail.com

*Many of these designs require a very specific and precise technique and a unique skill from the tattoo artist, so I shall trust that you will find a good and fitting artist for the project, who is comfortable working with lines.
**I ask you to let the tattoo artist know that it is my original design and to kindly ask them to mention and tag my name if they post it on their social media.

Q: I want to learn to tattoo, I want to learn to draw like you, can you help me, do you teach?

I do not take any full time apprentices, but I’m happy to exchange your skills with an in-person short training or a discount/exchange for a tattoo.
I am looking for photographers, videographers, youtubers and bloggers with a substantial reach to collaborate with on projects involving tattooing, art, personal and spiritual growth.

I am working on an online program for anyone who is interested in developing their artistic and tattooing skills.
There will be a course for art (drawing, sketching and finding/perfecting your own unique style);
And another course for tattooing skills.
In these courses I will be covering drawing techniques, composition, intuitive expression, digital drawing, creating a strong portfolio, mindset to work with clients, email and calendar management, using social media to promote your work and create a following and much more.
If you would like to know more about this course, sign up here and I will update you by email.