Exploring and Expressing the Pain and Ecstasy of Life through Art.

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“I followed Jio a long time on social media and was fascinated by her art. Her style is unique and was very appealing to me. Additionally I read the texts she shared on social media about herself and her view on her life. I was fascinated, signed up for her newsletter on her homepage and waited. Finally a mail came with her upcoming dates in Berlin and the few spots left on her schedule. It took all my courage to propose my custom concept to her instead of choosing one of her beautiful flash designs. A few days after my proposal Jio’s mail reached me and I was so happy hearing her accepting my idea for a custom tattoo and a spot in her schedule. I filled out the info sheet and transferred the deposit.

A few months later I booked a hotel room and train tickets to Berlin. All my insecurities about the long journey, the already paid deposit and any doubts were washed away when Jio entered the room. I was waiting a while and got quite nervous, but Jio’s appearance swept all that aside. She is open minded, curious and spreads dedication for her work which gave me a positive feeling in an instant.
We talked about my ideas and I was having the impression that she really understands me well and knows what I wanted. One day later she welcomed me in the studio with her first draft and I was overwhelmed how well she met my expectations. We talked about minor changes and through the whole process she had my full trust.
Everything I wanted her to change on the draft she nearly anticipated and changed immediately in her own style. I was amazed how structured but spontaneously she worked on the draft and of the final tattoo. Jio worked very concentrated but always was eager to make me feel good through the session. She acted thoughtfully and had an eye for the smallest details.

Being tattooed by Jio was very special to me because I have never trusted a person so fiercely that I knew so little. You can feel the dedication she puts in every of her pieces and the regard for her customers. “

- Lucas B.