Exploring and Expressing the Pain and Ecstasy of Life through Art.


Expressive, dark, chaotic, fluid lines that share messages of truth, of depth, emotion.
Bringing all of this expression into designs, into a co-creation with clients, into a permanent mark on their bodies.

The intention is to touch, to awaken, to shake up the sleepy consciousness of humans. 
The intention is to remind you, to remind myself of truths that we overlook, to connect to our deepest feelings and to forgive.


I will email you with my travel dates, guest spots, available designs, tattoo project proposals, etc.

The making of:

“Since my first tattoo, I keep on coming back to Julia (Jio) for new projects. What fascinates me about her, is how she can transfer ideas that I can describe only very vaguely into an amazing artwork on my skin. In the whole process for a new tattoo, I am able to feel comfortable and even though there is some pain connected to tattooing, the relaxing atmosphere she can create between her and her clients, makes it a positive experience.

I love how her tattooing style is not only unique, but how she also takes the placement on the body in consideration. She takes the time to try out different sizes, so I never feel rushed for a decision and Julia is able to look at the body as a whole, making all the tattoos look good together and making the body a piece of art itself!”

- Desi

“I’ve wanted to get a memorial tattoo for my best friend and partner who passed away in 2017.
This being something of great importance to me, I took my time searching for a tattooer. When I stumbled upon Jio via Instagram, I knew she was the right artist to hopefully do this for me. I sent Jio five pictures of Jenn, and really with not a whole lot of direction from me,  she was able to create a likeness that encompassed everything that I was looking for.
Not sure how she was able to do it but she did.  I’m eternally grateful for the experience that I received.
Amazing artist and great tattooer! Thank you Jio.”

- Matthew L.

“Before finding Jio I had been searching a few years for a tattooist with whom I resonated with. Suddenly there she was, a shimmering goddess on a fire spewing island in the middle of the pacific (Hawaii at that time). We were both excited about the pieces of art that were to be uncovered on my skin and after setting our intentions the tattoo session developed into a very shamanic experience. Julia is a skilful and responsive artist and I hope to receive more of her tattoos in the future. There’s not much else to say since her work speaks for itself.”

- Amanda

“Earlier this year we had the pleasure of getting tattooed by our friend Jio. We know her from the previous year and so had high hopes for a fun and inspirational experience.

Jio took great care to make sure our visions and ideas would be well translated into the beautiful art we are currently enjoying on our bodies.
She made us feel relaxed and comfortable, the atmosphere was warm and because of her the experience was very special to us. Jio listened to our opinions and creativity. We didn’t feel pushed in any direction, which is important to us, her skills are top notch and we would be honoured to be tattooed by her in the future!”

- Francis and Janneke

Jio amazed me with the uniqueness of her style. Also her work bears meaning and I like her placement in life.
I love her chaotic line work the best, even though all her styles are special. “In a sentimental mood” is my favourite tattoo cause there is a deepness of emotion in it. The fact that it is created out of the emotion by the favourite song of the customer, makes it powerful. I like that idea and would also love to work out a motive with a song out of my life. 

- Chrissy S.

“I want to emphasise the strong female energy she portrays in her work.
I love love love the Kali piece so much because of the attitude and body language this fiery goddess has. She is fierce and Jio does such a good job portraying facial expressions and she does incredible portraits. (…) ❤
I love the free flowing energy shown in the curvature of the linework.”

- Emi A.