For me, tattooing has become an incredible tool for self-exploration, connection, transcendence, growth and service.
I use this magical art form to express my client’s essence channelled through my artistic skills.
When somebody comes to see me with a desire to have a tattoo, there is a lot of trust involved. They have chosen me, consciously or unconsciously, to create something for them, a unique piece, that shall flow with their body, their shape and their curves, that shall inspire them, maybe remind them of something significant in their life or just for the fun and joy of making body art. They either come with concrete ideas, or with a totally open mind, or somewhere in between and we work together on creating something that resonates with both of us, that not only is truly appreciated by them, but that also shows my creativity and skill as an artist.
When the tattoo session begins, the trust deepens as they allow me to perforate their skin and mark them with something that will stay with them for a very long time, if not for ever. And the pain.. it always depends on the person, on the area of the body, on the size of the tattoo, on the day, but there is usually at least some amount of pain. And here comes a chance for them to work with it, to feel their body in a different way, maybe learn to accept the pain or maybe they will prefer to tighten up and fight it. Some have fallen asleep, some have cried, some have pasted out and some have transcended it into pleasure or incredible peace.
And here is where I have learned so much about the human nature, about trust, communication, team-work. I have learned how to hold space for somebody who is suffering or in pain, how to trust and know that I will do a good job, being aware that if I make a mistake there is no going back and how to say ‘No’ when I feel that the connection between me and the client is not working out.

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